Dharmadhyan no Kausagga

Se Kim Ta – what is
Dhammejzane – righteous meditration (dharmdhyan)
Dhammejzane – dharmadhyan
Chauvvihe – is of four types
Chauppadiyare – which are further sub-divided into four each
Pannate Tam Jaha – these are said to be
Aanay Vijae – comtemplate upon Lords orders
Avaay Vijae – contemplate upon the sufferings
Vivaag Vijae – contemplate upon the causes of happiness and unhappiness
Sansthan Vijae – contemplate upon the structure of universe
Dhammassanam gzanassa – of dharmadhyan
Chattari Lakkhana – four signs
Pannatta Tam Jaha – they are said to be
Aana Rui – liking towards the Lords orders
Nisagga Rui – natural inclination for truth
Uvaessa Rui – liing for the Lords preaching
Sutta Rui – liking for the scriptures
Dhammassanam Gzanassa – of dharmadhyan
Chattari Aalambana – four supports
Pannata Tam Jaha – are said to be
Vaayana – to do scriptural study
Puchchhana – to inquire
Pariyattana – to revise
Dhammakaha – to give religious discourses
Dhammassanam Gzanassa – of dharmadhyan
Chattari Anuppeha – four contemplations
Pannata Tam Jaha – is said to be
Egchchanuppeha – to think of lone existence (to ponder that one is born alone and
                               dies alone)
Anichchanuppeha – to ponder upon the transient nature of the universe
Asanaanuppeha – to ponder upon the insecure existence in the universe
Sansaranuppeha – to ponder upon the insecure existence in the universe
What is Dharmadyan (righteous meditation) ?
Dharmadhyan is of four types, which is further sub-divided into four each,
These are said to be, as follows :

  1. Contemplation upon
    1. Lords orders
    2. Sufferings
    3. Causes of happiness and unhappiness
    4. The structure of Universe
  2. Four signs of Dharmadhyan :
    1. Liking towards the Lords orders
    2. Natural inclination for truth
    3. Liking for the Lords preachings
    4. Liking for the sciptures   
  3. Four supports of Dharmadhyan :
    1. To do scriptural studies
    2. To inquire about them
    3. To revise them
    4. To give religious discourses
  4. Four thinkings of Dharmadhyan :
    1. To think of lone existence (one is born alone and dies alone)
    2. To think of transient nature of the univers
    3. To think of insecure existence in the universe
    4. To think of the versatile nature of the universe.

Now let us elaborate the first four aspects of Dharmadhyan.