Sixth Essential

(If sadhu Sadhviji is present tehn, do Vandana thrice and request them to give Pachchkhan, in their absence senior Shravak may be requested for the same, if none is present then one should say the following lesson himself and take Pachchkhan.
Chauvviham Pi – of four types
Aaharam – foods
Pachchkhami – I vow to give up
Asanam – food
Paanam – water
Khaaimam – dry fruits
Saaimam – mouth freshners
Anna-thanaa Bhogenam – I apologise for having kept anything in mouth,
Sahasaa Gaare-nam – disturbance in meditation, in any way
Savva sammahi – disturbance in meditation, in any way
Vattiya Gaarenam – I despise
Appaa-nam Vosirami – I keep my soul away from going towards impure circumstances
Oh Lord ! First samayik, second Chauvvisnatho, third Vandana, fourth Pratikraman, fifth Kausagga and sixth Pachchkhan, all the six essentials have been completed. Regarding that as commanded by Shri Vitraag Deva, if any punctuation, letter, word, verse has been undersaid, oversaid or otherwise said, then in the presence of Arihant and Infinite Siddha Gods, I plead for pardon and may my such sins be dissolved.

Mithyatvanu Pratikraman Avratnu Pratikraman, Pramadnu Pratikraman Kashaynu Pratikraman, Ashubh jognu Pratikraman ey sarva mali 82 Bolna panch Pratikraman, 124 Dosh taline na Paddikkamya hoy tene vishe Atikram, Vyatikram, Atichar, Anachar jaanta ajaanta koi pan jatna paap dosh lagya hoy to Arihant Ananta Siddha Kevali Bhagwan ni sakhe, tassa michhami dukkadam.
Gaya kaalnu Pratikraman, vartman kaalnu sa(n)var ane aavta kaalna pachchkhan tene vishe koi paap dosh lagyo hoy to Arihant, Ananta Siddha Bhagwan ni sakhe Tassa Michchami Dukkadam.
Karemi Mangalam, Maha MANGALAM, Thai thui Mangalam.

Pratikraman done with false belief is without vows, that done with passions, Pratikraman done by ill-means including all that 5 Pratikraman are of 82 and 124 blemishes. When these are not avoided and repented for, then if any Atikram, Vyatikram, Atichar, Anachar or any blemishes are knowingly or unknowingly incurred, then I plead for pardon in the presence of Arihant, Infinite Siddhas and Kevali Gods.
Pratikraman of the times bygone, Sanvar of the present times and Pachchkhan of the times to come, regarding these if any sins or blemishes have been incurred, then in the presence of Arihant and Infinite Siddha Gods, I plead for pardon.
Here say, the three Namo-ththunams and say the lesson of Tikkhuto three times and then say Navkar Mantra.

-: Shri Pratikraman Sootra Ends :-