Dharma Dhyan Na Pahela Char Bhed

It means to contemplate upon the Lord’s orders. Orders of Lord Vitrag Deva say that with true faith we should follow 12 vows of Shravak and 11 Padimas; 5 Mahavratas of Sadhu Sadhviji and 12 Padmas of Bhikkhu, and we should bear righteouse meditation, right means, right knowledge, true vision, good character right austerities and protect all six types of lives.
One should not have even a momone of reluctance in obeying such orders of Lord Vitraag Deva and one should be praises for the Chaturvidha Sangh, i.e. Sadhu Sadhvi Shravak Shravika. This is said to be the first aspect of Dharmadhyan.

It means to ponder upon the causes which bring suffering in life.
False beliefs, absence of vows, reluctance, passion, ill-means, 18 abodes of sins and violence towards the 6 types of lives. These are the thing which bring suffering in life.
Hence knowing the causes for the suffering, one should abandon them and thereby one can get rid of sufferings.
This is said to be the second aspect of dharmadhyan.

It means to contemplate upon the causes of happiness and unhappiness, in the universe.
Types of deeds done, previously done good and bad Karmas lead to happiness and unhappiness.
While experiencing these one should abandon love and hate, bear equipoise, engross mind speech and body in a good way and be occupied in Jain religion,. This brings unobstructed, immense and ultimate happiness.
This is said to be the third aspect of Dharmadhyan.


This is fourth aspect of Dharmadhyan elaborates the mythological description of the universe.
The shape of the universe is like a man standing with legs apart and hands on the hips.
Universe is full of living beings and non living beings. The central portion of the universe has the area of innumerable jojans. There are innumerable islands and oceans in it. There are innumerable cities of Vanvyantar Gods. There are innumerable mansions of stellar Gods. There are innumerable capital cities of Gods.
Tehre are two and a half Dweeps in its mid-zone. Here there are a minimum of 20 Tirthankars, and a maximum of 160 or 170. Minimum 2 crore omniscient Lords and maximum 9 crores. Minimum 2000 crores. Minimum 2000 crores Sadhu Sadhvi and maximum 9000 crores. To such blessed personalities who are pious, divine and knowledge incarnate, I bow, salute, honour, adore and serve. Besides them I also praise the innumerable Shravak Shravika.
Innumerable times bigger than this central portion, is the upper portion of the universe. This consists of 12 heavens, 9 Graiveyak heavens and 5 topmost heavenly mansions. Above these is the Siddhshila. There dwell Siddha Gods who are immaculate and devoid of material form.
To these blessed Siddha Gods who are pious, divine and knowledge incarnate, I bow, salute, honour, adore and serve.
Slightly bigger than this is the lower portion of the universe. There are 84 lakhs hellish abodes of the 7 hells. There are 7 crores and 72 lakh mansions of the Bhavanpati Gods.
Due to absence of right faith and right character all living beings have experienced birth and death infinite times on every little spot of this universe. Yet one has not attained liberation. Knowing this one should practice religion by right faith and conduct, so as to obtain imperishable, immortal, unobstructed highest bliss. Thus is described the fourth aspect of Dharmadhyan.