Lesson 14
Navmu samayik vrata (pehlun shikshavrata)
Ninth vow of samayik (first shikshavrata)

Navmu Saamaayik vrať
Ninth vow, is the vow to remain in equipoise, i.e. Samayik vrata
Saavaj-jog-nu Ver-mańam
I refrain from sinful acts
Jaav-niyam pajju-vaa-saami
I remain in that composed way, upto the limits and boundaries which are set
by two acts
by three means
Na karemi na kaar-vemi
I shall not do
by mind
by word
by body
evi maari ťamaari saď-hańaa prarup-ńaa-e kari saamaa-yik no avasar aave ane saamaayik kari-e tyaare sparsh-naa e kari, shuďdh hojo.
Consequential to yours and mine faith, when the circumstances arise for doing samayik, may the samayik be flawlessly accomplished
Evaa nav-maa saamaa-yik Vraťnaa
Of such ninth samayik vow
Panch Aiyaaraa
there are five blemishes
worth kbowing
Na Samay-ri-yavvaa
but not worth doing
ťam jahaa
as they are
ťe Aaloun
I say
in smayik, have employed mind in a foul way
Vay ďuppańi-haańe
in samayik, have used foul language
Kay ďuppańi-haańe
in samayik have done foul acts
have done samayik negligently and carelessly
Saamaa-iss Ańa-vattiyas Karań-yaae
have terminated samayik before its actual completion

ťassa Mich-chhami ďukkadam

may my such sins be dissolved

Ninth vow, is the vow to remain in Equipoise, i.e.Samayik Vrata.
While remaining in that composed way, upto the limits and boundaries which are set, I shall refrain from sinful acts; by two acts like I will not do, I will not ask others to do; by  three means like mind, speech and body.
Consequential to yours and mine, faith and teaching, when the opportunity for doing Samayik arises, may that Samayik be flawlessly accomplished.
Of such ninth Samayik vow, there are five blemishes, worth knowing but not worth doing, I say them, the way they are :
In Samayik, have employed mind in a foul way,
In Samayik, have used foul language
In samayik, have done foul acts
Have done Samayik, negligently and carelessly
Have terminated Samayik, before its actual completion
May my such sins be dissolved and pardoned.